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Buy Your Books

Books on Beds

Books on Beds will be available August 2nd for your online textbook order through the Acadia University Bookstore website www.acadia.bkstr.com. This is an absolutely FREE service for students who live on-campus in residence. All you need to do is place your online order before August 31, 2011, select the Books on Beds delivery option, and provide us your residence name and room number and we will make the delivery on September 1st and 2nd so that the order will be waiting for you when you arrive. You can also add any items showing on our website to your order and we will deliver those FREE to you as well. Please note this service is only available for a limited time.


We know that going to University costs more now than ever before, and books are big-ticket items. To help ease the burden, we now offer you the ability to rent your textbooks. See below for answers to commonly asked questions about this exciting new program:

Why Should I Rent?
Renting your textbooks offers you the lowest up-front cost. On average, you'll save more than half of a new book. And, it's easy.
How Does It Work?
You can rent your books in-store or online. First, find out if your textbook is available for rent. Special red tags on the book shelves in the store and a special icon online will indicate that a title is available for rent. In order to rent, you need to be 18 years of age and provide ID, contact information, and a credit card number as collateral. That's it!
Can I Rent All My Books?

We're working hard with your professors and textbook publishers to identify as many rental titles as possible. Generally speaking, a book needs to be widely used and early in its lifecycle (a recently released edition) to be e rental title.

How Is Rent-A-Text Different?
Unlike other rental programs, you can convert your textbook rental into a purchase during the rental period for a small premium. If you drop a class, you can return your rented book to the bookstore during the return period for a refund. (Don't forget: you'll also need your receipt). You can also highlight and write in the book. Normal wear and tear is expected.

Get More Information About Rent-A-Text
Visit the bookstore! Any of our associates will be glad to tell you more about it and help you get started. You can find us on Facebook.com/rentatext, or visit rent-a-text.com

Where to find your book list

When your book list is available it will appear in your Acadia Central account at central.acadiau.ca or you can visit the Acadia Bookstore website.  This list doesn’t typically become available until later in the summer (early August).  Each course is different, so we recommend that you check your account regularly near the end of July and early August. 

Where to buy your books

If you don’t plan to purchase your books online, you can purchase them from our Campus Bookstore which is located on the main level of the Wheelock Dining Hall. Click here to visit the Campus Bookstore website for hours of operation and more.


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